Finale of “Jutronauci”

Finale of "Jutronauci"   

Sebastian Kulczyk has recently sponsored another program for startups. This time he attended the "Jutronauci" finale. The concept of this program included promoting the innovative lifestyle, sharing the inspirations around us. The main prize was the "Ticket beyond the horizon".



The finals took place on Saturday, December 9th on the 38th floor of Warsaw Spire. A perfect location for such high-profile meeting of great minds. 

In the first place it was a great opportunity to talk to "People of tomorrow": 

Anja Rubik - fashion model and designer,
Magdalena Król - scientist, specialist of experimental oncology,
Oscar Zięta - furniture and utility designer,
Tomasz Bagiński - the creator of award-winning animations.

Inspiring conversations, were mainly related to the value of excitement of the upcoming future .
The main prize, i.e. the "Ticket beyond the horizon" gives the winning contestant the chance to make his dream come true. The mentors decided to pick seven outstanding projects out of over 200 participants:
-Neurobiology - Joanna Grudzień, working on acquiring energy from microorganisms;
- Architecture and urban planning - Agnieszka Desowska, living in Switzerland, and creating her own projects;

- Designing - Mateusz Kęsy - who connects architecture with biology to create the optimal space for bees in urban areas;
- Trends and design - Paulina Nowak - for her landscape architecture plans;
- Ceramics and applied art - Barbara Bellon for her eight-piece set of dishes;
- Show business and entertainment – Aneta Nowicka with her experimental approach to writing icons.


Sebastian Kulczyk's field of expertise covers new technologies. The entrepreneur has chosen Michał Nowak, creator of an idea for a food outlet. Michał sells food products with the elapsing consumable time, which in turn contributes to limiting food waste. 



In the near future Sebastian Kulczyk and Michał Nowak are going to spend some time together in London. Sebastian’s mentoring, network and valuable business experience may contribute significant value to further develodevepment of Nowak's idea.



After the announcement of the winners, the guests had the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the people who shall bring “added value” to our future, but also attend workshops and visit the exhibition covering various elements of the tomorrow.

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