The InCredibles finale


“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed...” That's the truth, however, the truth likes a twist every now and then.



The definition does not befit the startups that have just graduated the InCredibles. Taking a look at the graduation itself, it took place in quite the space. Mindspace in Warsaw's Hala Koszyki is a place that is a set of beautifully designed offices and workspaces with stunning lounges and meeting rooms with the most advanced technologies. The entire location is both inspiring and very comfortable.


The know-how

The initiator of the InCredibles program and host of the finale event, Sebastian Kulczyk greeted the graduates and guests. His speech contained insights on the Polish state of the economy towards the entrepreneurship and high praises for the startups. "When we first started the project, we were wondering what would come out of it. The results surpassed our expectations on all levels, quality included."

The InCredibles achieved the best results in comparison to any other startup acceleration programme held this year in Poland. 426 startups applied for participation in the contest. At the time of the finals, that record-breaking number of applications had to be narrowed down to 10. The finals left the Incredibles with only 5 startups. Chosen as the most promising, best candidates for future success. With only the best ideas to solve their problems.

Sebastian Kulczyk said this to the graduates:

"I took great pleasure in watching you evolve, your products are now fully developed".


The capital

The graduates of this edition of the InCredibles are:


Archdesk - a startup that's responsible for creating the software for cloud-based computing services, that are used in production and construction, main in Great Britain.

Hotailors - who integrates the services of travel agencies with automation, shortening the process of placing a reservation to 5 minutes.

RadioNet - is a company with the radio stations background. Their product allows for a seamless switch from a regular commercial radio block, into a custom, targeted set of online advertising.

Tidio - that made it possible, for small and medium-sized businesses to use chatbots in a much more efficient way.

And UserEngage    - which provides an automated service for communicating with the business clients by means of targeted messages, that are custom fitted to the client.




Apart from the accelerating the best Polish startups, the InCredibles contributed to the startup environment by creating a new clear and coherent standards for the investment market. The documents, that are available for all, including other startups, accelerators or investors in the Polish market were created with the help of Startup Poland Foundation. 





The path to global markets in a Polish environment is both interesting and important. Unfortunately, most Polish companies settle for local actions. All the more, the importance of the InCredibles success is a thing to be happy for.


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